12 Black and White Crystals, Names, Meaning, Properties, Benefits

In This article, I will share the names, meanings, properties, identification, and benefits of black and white crystals. Whether you’re a crystal enthusiast or a newcomer, gain a deeper understanding of these stones and explore how to incorporate their energies into your daily life.

List of Black and White Crystals/Gemstones Name, Properties, Benefits, Identification

#1). Banded Agate

Black and white banded agate


Black and white banded agate is a variety of chalcedony quartz that exhibits distinctive parallel banding.

The contrasting dark and light bands are created through mineral impurities deposited in layers as the agate forms over long periods of time.

This banded patterning lends a yin-yang symbolism, representing dualities and the dance between light and dark in life.


Believed to help balance opposites within one’s personality and life circumstances. The distinct bands offer a reminder of life’s cyclic nature.

It is considered grounding and stabilizing for those going through times of change. The alternating color bands evoke resilience.

Thought to promote inner calm, steadiness, and centeredness when chaos surrounds you. The regular banding pattern inspires steadfastness.


Composed of silicon dioxide with trace amounts of iron oxides and other minerals that provide color variations.

Displays distinctive parallel banding in black, gray, and white tones. Bandwidths can vary from thick to thin.

Takes high polish. Pieces are often cut and polished to showcase the graphic striped pattern.

Rates 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it quite durable for jewelry and tumbled stones.


Hardness, striped pattern, and translucency help distinguish it from other similar stones.

No effervescence reaction when exposed to acid, unlike calcite or dolomite.

Under magnification, reveals interlocking bands of quartz fibers, a defining feature of agate.

It can be confused with banded varieties of onyx, chert, or jasper. Agate displays more curvature to its color banding.

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#2). Black onyx

Black onyx crystal with white lines


Black onyx with white lines represents yin and yang coming together in harmony. This brings a balance of body and mind.

It is thought to help align your personal goals with divine purpose. It may also unite your earthly self with higher spiritual awareness.

Some believe it activates kundalini energy within, allowing inner creative talents to unfold.


They are believed to provide spiritual grounding and strengthen one’s sense of inner power and self-control.

Said to intensify focus and mental clarity in directing energy toward goal achievement.

Considered useful in past life healing and for recognizing one’s soul lessons through embodied experience.


A banded variety of cryptocrystalline quartz formed of silicon dioxide

Features distinctive white lines running across a black background with a smooth vitreous polish.

Rating of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Durable for all types of jewelry.


White banding lines on a black background help distinguish it from other onyx which lacks banding.

Differs from agate by the straightness of white lines rather than fluid shapes.

Can be confused with artificially stained stones. Natural banding follows the inner stone structure.

Assess for uneven dye concentration, surface-level cracks, and chemical residue around the edges.

#3). Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper crystal with a striking black and white banded pattern


Zebra jasper is a striped variety of jasper with a striking black and white banded pattern resembling a zebra’s stripes.

Considered a root chakra and grounding stone. The bold stripes evoke the strength and resilience of the zebra animal totem.

Associated with the balance between contrasts – dark/light, yin/yang, earthly/spiritual. Promotes harmony of dualities.


Thought to impart courage, stamina, and endurance during challenging times. The zebra’s symbolic power helps overcome adversity.

Believed to energize and vitalize those who feel weighed down by heavy burdens.

Said to dispel anxiety and fears holding you back. Encourages taking action aligned with your true nature.


Microcrystalline quartz mineral that forms when silica precipitates into gas cavities of ancient lava flows.

Distinctive black and white banding patterns in erratic stripes. Softer than many jaspers.

Polishes to an attractive striped mosaic finish. Often made into beads, spheres, eggs, or carvings.

Rating of 6 – 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Durable enough for most jewelry uses.


Hardness, striped appearance, and stone shapes help identify it.

Lacks the grainy veining of giraffe jasper or the orb patterns of ocean jasper.

When polished, black stripes stand out clearly from the white or grayish background.

May confuse with other banded stones like agate. Zebra jasper’s stripes lack fluidity.

#4). Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obisidan crystal black stone with white spots


Snowflake obsidian is a natural volcanic glass containing black stone with white spots and inclusions that resemble snowflakes.

Represents purity and a fresh blank slate. The white patches symbolize new beginnings emerging.

Associated with clarity, insight, and gaining perspective on one’s blind spots.


Thought to reveal truths we may deny or avoid seeing. Allows awareness of weaknesses needing growth.

Believed to aid in the forgiveness of self and others. Snowflakes evoke clarity received through mercy.

Said to cleanse heaviness around past pains or traumas. Promotes releasing and moving forward.


Obsidian rock formed from lava cooling with high silica content, lacking crystal structure.

Natural glassy texture with white crisscrossing dendritic (fern-like) inclusions of cristobalite mineral.

Fragile with shards having extremely sharp edges. Care required in handling raw and tumbled stones.

Rating 5.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Not recommended for rings or bracelets. Better for pendants and pins.


Color, snowflake inclusions, and glassy texture distinguish it from other black rocks like basalt.

Lacks bands of agate or jasper. Marks from chisel are visible, unlike manufactured glass.

Snowflake clusters are visible, unlike clear obsidian where inclusions are not apparent.

Can confuse with heat-treated black stones displaying white discolorations. Inclusions in snowflake obsidian form ornate fern-like patterns.

#5). Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper gemstone


Dalmatian jasper is a white light gray, black-speckled stone that resembles the coat of a Dalmatian dog.

Associated with playfulness, childlike joy, and maintaining a youthful spirit as we mature.

Evokes the protective and loyal qualities of the Dalmatian breed. A talisman for fidelity and trust.


Believed to lighten one’s mood and outlook when facing difficult situations. Allows seeing from a place of innocence.

Said to relieve stress and gently calm the mind from overthinking or repetitive thoughts.

Thought to encourage acting faithfully toward oneself and others. Fosters integrity in relationships.


A variety of quartz formed when silica precipitates into porous volcanic rock, creating banding and orbicular patterns.

Displays distinctive black dot inclusions over a light grayish-white background, with subtle circular banding.

Polishes to an attractive finish. Used for beads, eggs, spheres, and various carvings.

Rating around 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Durable for most types of jewelry.


Hardness, distinctive spotting, and color help identify it.

Lacks straight bands of agate or angular stripes of jasper. Markings are more spotty and irregular.

When polished or wet, black dots clearly stand out from the light background.

Can sometimes confuse with Australian Mookaite jasper. Dalmatian has tighter groupings of black inclusions.

#6). Howlite

howlite black and white gem


Howlite is a porous white mineral known for its soothing, stress-relieving qualities.

Believed to help quiet a restless mind overwhelmed with worries or racing thoughts.

Evokes emotional healing, empathy, and taking a kind approach to oneself and others.


Thought to reduce insomnia and help with falling asleep. The gentle stone that promotes healthy sleep patterns.

Said to ease tensions both in the body and mind, bringing a calmer state of being.

Considered a gentle emotional support stone used in grief counseling. Encourages processing traumatic history.


A borate mineral that weathers quickly, often found as white nodules in sedimentary deposits.

Appearance is plain white or off-white, sometimes with mineral veining in gray, blue, brown, or black. Powdery feel when raw.

Soft and brittle nature, with a rating of 3.5 on Moh’s hardness scale. Easily dyes well in vibrant hues.

Most common use is in dyed and reconstituted forms for mass-produced jewelry and craft applications.


Slight translucency, lack of crystals or banding, and white color help distinguish it from quartz or calcite.

Dyes are much more vivid and evenly compared to natural stones. All-over saturated hues are telltale signs.

Weathers smooth to the touch, unlike rough natural minerals. Scratches and fractures easily reveal the inner white stone.

Does not have a layered structure of agates or onyx. Lacks hardness and gradually erodes compared to similar-looking stones.

#7). Blizzard 

Blizzard stone black matrix with white speckles quartz


Blizzard stone, also called garden quartz, is a black matrix with white speckles quartz with interior cracks and air bubbles that resemble icy inclusions.

Represents clarity gained through difficult inner reflections. Symbol of finding light even when surrounded by metaphorical or emotional storms.

Associated with weathering inner turmoil and emerging with renewed perspective. Encourages seeing hope and possibility within challenges.


Thought to instill faith when one feels lost in the dark. Allows us to see past the storm to brighter days ahead.

Believed to help process complex emotions and trauma. Supports inner work when healing deep wounds.

Said to access higher wisdom and clarity when the path forward seems covered in fog. Aids meditation and seeing the truth.


A variety of clear or whitish quartz containing fluid inclusions of water, air, and gases that reflect light-like icy formations.

Inclusions resemble frozen bubbles, feathers, or leafy dendrites captured within the stone. Some display moving bubbles when shaken.

Rating of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Durable for jewelry purposes.

Colorless, black matrix with white speckles, smoky gray, or colored blizzard varieties are found depending on mineral traces.


The distinctive inclusion of veining and fractures inside a translucent quartz base distinguishes it.

Lacks the layering patterns found in agates or circular orbicular banding.

No evidence of staining, dyeing, or artificial treatment. Fractures display natural ruggedness.

Can sometimes confuse with managing cracks or rehealed fractures in plain quartz. True blizzard quartz has more inclusions showing strong icy veining.

#8). Pinolite

Pinolite black and white


Pinolite, also called pine oil agate or jasper, shows vibrant circular color bands that look like the rings of a pinecone or the Earth from space. It is a black-and-white metamorphic rock.

Represents the infinite vastness of the universe, evoking a connection to all existence. Grounds one in their cosmic belonging.

Associated with prosperity, abundance, and the cyclic nature by which the universe perpetually renews itself.


Believed to attract material wealth by aligning with the energetic flow of prosperity available in each moment.

Thought to boost feelings of self-worth when lacking financial confidence or scarcity mindset.

Said to ease anxiety around money matters. Encourages trusting the cycles of give and take.


This special type of orbicular jasper is made when silica builds up in layers around a center core, forming round bands.

When polished, it looks amazing with unique plant-like orbs and circular bands in colors like white, black, green, yellow, brown, and grey.

Dense microcrystalline stone rating 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, suitable for jewelry use.


Distinctive pinecone-like circular pattern distinguishes it from other jaspers and agates.

Has a three-dimensional rounded appearance compared to flat layered agate banding.

Looks like an aerial view of an evergreen forest or planets circling a sun rather than flat stripes.

Color and shape help identify it. Avoid confusion with ocean jasper or landscape agate.

#9). Black & White Tourmaline

Black and White Tourmaline


Black and white tourmaline represents the fusion of seeming opposites – light/dark, yin/yang, earthly/spiritual. It promotes their integration and balance.

Considered a stone of refuge and reassurance, providing a safe space mentally and emotionally when one feels divided within.

Associated with self-acceptance, seeing life’s contrasts clearly, and recognizing the wholeness already present inside oneself.


Thought to instill a sense of inner security when coping with anxiety or difficult transitions.

Believed to aid decisiveness and clarity of purpose by sharpening discernment between polarities.

Said to enhance tolerance, diplomacy, and clear communication when bridging divergent viewpoints.


Crystalline silicate mineral that readily forms long prismatic crystals displaying vertical striations.

Can be effectively split into dark opaque tourmaline contrasting with lighter translucent bands.

Pieces are often cut to highlight the graphic black and white patterning.

Rates 7 – 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Durable for all jewelry uses.


Vertical parallel grooves along the length and two-tone color help distinguish it from other striped stones.

Lacks the rounded orbicular banding of ocean jasper or the erratic stripes of zebra jasper.

Looks beyond surface dyed patterns to inner structure. Assesses weighting, fractures, and pits typical of low-quality tourmaline.

Avoid possible confusion with lower-grade onyx or agate displaying artificial black-and-white banding.

#10). Chrysanthemum 

Chrysanthemum crystal with black and white patterns


It’s called chrysanthemum stone because of its flower-like black and white patterns. This stone symbolizes starting anew, rebirth, and fresh beginnings.

It’s connected with the beginning of positive new phases, gaining a new outlook, and experiencing the joy of discovering life as it unfolds.

It reminds us of humanity’s shared essence beyond superficial differences – all equal before birth and death.


Thought to inspire openness, innocence, and unity consciousness – oneness underlying clear separation.

Believed to aid emotional and psychic healing from past trauma or events that made one feel othered.

Said to stimulate curiosity, imagination, and creative inspiration through a mindset of expansive possibility.


This type of quartz has tightly packed stacks of brucite crystals arranged in a radiating pattern.

What makes it special is the chrysanthemum-shaped inclusions of magnesium brucite in white, black, gray, or rust tones that look like flowers.

Tends to fracture conchoidally. Best used in pendants, earrings, and brooches rather than rings or bracelets.

Rates at 6.5 – 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.


White inclusion veining clustered into flower-shaped bundles helps identify it.

Lacks the concentric circular banding of agate or straight parallel stripes of banded stones.

Inclusion patterns exhibit more ‘organized chaos’ than the scattered randomly spaced druzy veins seen in some quartz.

Be careful, as it might be mistaken for synthetic products. To ensure its authenticity, look for natural imperfections that are not typical in manufactured goods.

#11). Neptunite

neptunite crystal


Named after the Roman god of the sea, neptunite nurtures one’s ability to navigate the depths of emotion and intuition.

Associated with embracing vulnerability, shedding defense mechanisms that limit authentic relating, and standing confidently in one’s worth.

A talisman of self-acceptance and compassion for past failings— uniting fragments of memory and identity into an integrated whole.


Thought to help release feelings of unworthiness, shame or not measuring up to self-imposed standards. 

Allows self-forgiveness.

Believed to aid those lacking confidence or feeling adrift in connecting to the innermost truth, desires, creativity, and feeling tones.

Said to support emotional healing and stress relief by bringing shadow aspects into conscious awareness for integration.


Rare complex silicate belonging to the amphibole group, displaying oblique cleavage and unique potassic chemistry

Occurs as dark fibrous masses in nepheline syenites, pegmatites, and alkali granites.

Deep black color with vitreous to white luster. Crystals are prismatic and deeply furrowed longitudinally.

Rates 6 – 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Suitable for designer pendants and protected jewelry pieces with occasional wear.


Color, occurrence in specific host rocks, cleavage angle, and chemistry help identify it.

The fibrous formation is distinct from the solid masses of black hematite or glittery pieces of obsidian.

Lacks metallic appearance of black rutile crystals. Does not display banding of black agate or onyx.

Rare collector stones are seldom seen in commercial jewelry circles. Identified under magnification by a qualified gemologist.

#12). Dendrite Opal

Dendrite opal stone


Dendrite opal displays tiny branch-like black manganese inclusions against a white or light body, resembling fossilized ferns or sea creatures.

Represents inner visions and psychic impressions seeking expression. Encourages believing in one’s unique magical gifts.

Associated with creativity, mystical realms, and tapping into imagination beyond everyday consciousness.


Thought to reveal magical aspects of oneself previously unseen or unbelieved.

Believed to enhance creative flow and originality by uniting logical and intuitive minds.

Said to amplify imagination and connection to the mystical realms of fairies, ancestors, and animal guides.


Common opal with dendritic mineral inclusions, formed in cavities within volcanic rock.

Body color ranges from white, yellow, and pink, to brown. Dendrites appear black or dark brown.

Rather fragile with many cracks. Best for occasional wear pendants, earrings rather than rings, or bracelets.

Rates 5.5 – 6 on the Mohs hardness scale.


Distinct dendritic inclusions help distinguish it from other opals.

Luster is waxy rather than the brilliant flashes from precious opal. Lacks iridescent play of color.

May resemble moss agate but lack quartz banding and translucency. Inclusions in dendrite opal arranged in plant-like patterns.

Examine for dyed surface cracks claiming to be extra dendrites. Inclusions in natural pieces extend from within the stone.

How To Use These Black & White Crystal Stones

Meditation: Hold your chosen black and white stone in your hand during meditation to amplify focus and clarity. Breathe deeply, allowing the crystal’s energy to guide you to a place of inner peace.

Jewelry: Adorn yourself with black and white crystal jewelry to carry their energy with you throughout the day. Let these gems become an extension of your aura, whether it’s a pendant, bracelet, or earrings.

Home Decor: Place black and white stones strategically in your living space to create a harmonious atmosphere. Their contrasting energies can bring balance to your home, promoting a sense of tranquility and balance.

Chakra Alignment: Explore the chakra associations of each stone and use them to balance and align specific energy centers. For example, Black Onyx is often linked to the root chakra, providing stability and grounding.

Intent Setting: Hold your chosen stone and set intentions for personal growth, healing, or manifestation. The black and white stones act as conduits, amplifying your intentions and sending them out into the universe.

By adding these practices to your routine, you can unleash the full potential of black and white stones. This lets their energies blend smoothly into the fabric of your life.

Final Thoughts

Crystal healing is a big and magical world, and black and white crystals are proof of the countless wonders to explore. May your experience with these fascinating crystals bring you discovery, healing, and deep spiritual growth on your journey.

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