List of Gemstone Auctions

Recent Gemstone Auctions 

–> Rough Tourmaline Gemstones Auction By Iridis

Rough Tourmaline Gemstones Auction By Iridis

✔️ Host- Iridis, the world’s largest producer of high-quality tourmaline gemstones

✔️ Place- Bangkok

✔️ Date- 21st to 24th November 2023

✔️ Website- 

✔️ Email- [email protected]

Upcoming Gemstone Auctions 

→ The Gemstone Sale

✔️ Host- Fellows

✔️ Date- 15th December 2023

✔️ Website-

The Gemstone Sale

Reputable Gemstone Auction Websites

1). CataWiki

Catawiki is an online auction platform that hosts regular auctions across a wide variety of categories, including minerals, gems, and meteorites. The minerals and meteorites auction section features specimens from amateur and professional mineral collectors worldwide.

The Catawiki Minerals and Meteorites auction portal allows collectors to bid on rare mineralogical specimens from around the world, with new featured auctions happening regularly.


2). Gemrock Auctions

Gem Rock Auctions is a global online marketplace for buying and selling gemstones, gemstone rough, minerals, and other rock specimens. It connects verified sellers from around the world with buyers looking for authentic gems and minerals.

Only sellers that meet Gem Rock Auctions’ verification criteria around industry expertise, fair policies, and pricing can list items for sale. This ensures high standards and quality items in the marketplace.

Buyers can access an extensive Gemstone Encyclopedia on the site to learn about different gem types, what qualities to look for when purchasing, and other guidance around gems and jewelry. This helps buyers make informed purchasing decisions.


3). Gem Fields

Gemfields positions itself as a world-leading responsible miner and marketer of colored gemstones, specifically emeralds and rubies. It sources its gemstones from some of the world’s finest emerald and ruby mining sites.

As a sustainability leader in the colored gemstone mining industry, Gemfields aims to promote and improve sustainability practices for the entire industry, from mining to end consumer sales.


4). Bonas Group

Bonas is a longstanding diamond brokerage and consultancy firm, recognized as the world’s oldest in its field.

In addition to its traditional role, it has evolved into the largest independent diamond and gemstone tender and auction house globally.

Positioned at the forefront of value chain consulting, Bonas plays a pivotal role in shaping the future prosperity and sustainability of the diamond and gemstone industries.

The firm boasts a client base comprising some of the most influential diamantaires globally, collectively contributing a significant portion to the global polished diamond output.


5). Juwelo

Juwelo, an expert in genuine gemstone jewelry for 15 years, stands out as a leading provider with a commitment to offering only real gemstones.

With over 8,000,000 jewelry pieces sold, they ensure all gemstones are certified, emphasizing their dedication to authenticity.

Juwelo prides itself on providing the best prices for a diverse range of high-quality gemstone jewelry, featuring over 20,000 different designs and 500 gemstone varieties.

The company offers two sales channels: live TV auctions and an online shop, allowing customers to explore and purchase their favorite pieces.


Types of Gemstone Auctions

Online Auctions

  • Popular websites like eBay, RubyLane, and LiveAuctioneers host regular gemstone auctions
  • Allow global participation from anywhere with internet access
  • You can view images and details of gems before bidding
  • May have less opportunity to inspect gems in person closely

Live Auctions

  • Traditional format with auctioneer conducting bids in real-time
  • Attendees can view and inspect gems up close before bidding
  • Exciting atmosphere and social event for gem enthusiasts
  • Often held at auction houses, jewelry shows, or charity events

Silent Auctions

  • Display gems with bid sheets for written bids over set time period
  • Popular fundraiser format for galas, museums, zoos, etc.
  • Allow attendees time to examine gems on their own
  • Winners are announced and paid at the end of the event
  • Don’t have loud auctioneer or need to track bidding in real time

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