Slim Crystal Water Bottle Review 2024: Is This Crystal Water Bottle Any Good?

In this article, I will be sharing about the Slim Crystal Water bottle, As the world’s lone glass water bottle specifically crafted for promoting healthy weight loss, it’s a game changer. This remarkable bottle harnesses the power of natural crystals and hydration to support your weight loss journey and overall well-being. 

And the best part? It comes with a slimming bracelet that amplifies the effects of the crystals to further aid in reaching your weight loss goals. With SlimCrystal, you can boost your resting metabolic rate by a whopping 23%, resulting in natural and sustainable weight loss. Say goodbye to unhealthy fads and hello to a healthier, slimmer you.

Quick Overview 

slim crystal water bottle- is it any good

→ Slim Crystal bottles claim to recharge water with a combination of 9 natural crystals, offering health benefits.

→ Drinking 2-3 liters daily is promoted for healthy weight loss, improved digestion, sustained energy, and long-term youthfulness.

→ Success stories highlight improved energy, stress management, weight loss, and overall well-being attributed to Slimcrystal bottles.

→ Disclaimer and Legal Information: Disclosures include individual results that may vary, and not evaluated by the FDA

→ 100% money-back guarantee, allowing for returns within 60 days 

About SlimCrystal Water Bottle

SlimCrystal stands out as the world’s unique glass water bottle, conceived by infusing water to assist in promoting healthy weight loss.

This slimming glass water bottle, paired with a slimming bracelet, promotes your well-being and facilitates natural weight loss.

Through the potent fusion of natural crystals, your body may increase its resting metabolic rate by 23%, initiating a natural weight loss process.

Employing an efficacious blend of nine natural crystals, SlimCrystal replenishes the water within.

The effervescent and slimming water has the potential to raise your resting metabolic rate by more than twenty percent, enabling weight loss without resorting to dieting.

Independent laboratories have scrutinized SlimCrystal water bottles, confirming an increase in the water’s oxygen content through this process.

Users Experience With SlimCrystal Water Bottle

→ Tracy Atkins from Boston credits SlimCrystal for transforming her health. Concerned about blood sugar and approaching menopause, she received the bottle as a gift. Exclusively drinking from it revived her energy, eliminated cravings, improved sleep, and led to a natural 34-pound weight loss. Tracy is now healthier, and happier, and even received a job raise. Grateful for the positive shift, she thanks SlimCrystal.

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Crystals Included in Slim Crystal Water Bottle

The Slim Crystal water bottle includes nine types of natural crystals. Some people believe that regular tap water lacks energy and minerals, making it less beneficial for the body. The crystals in SlimCrystal are thought to have healing properties, adding vitality to the water and providing users with the energy and nutrients needed for better health.

  1. Clear Quartz: Known as a master healer, Clear Quartz amplifies energy and enhances spiritual growth, promoting clarity and balance.
  2. Amethyst: A powerful protective stone with calming properties, Amethyst is often associated with stress relief, intuition, and facilitating a connection to higher consciousness.
  3. Moonstone: Revered for its association with feminine energy and intuition, Moonstone is believed to bring emotional balance, enhance psychic abilities, and promote inner harmony.
  4. Carnelian: A stone of vitality and motivation, Carnelian is thought to boost courage, creativity, and passion while imparting grounding energy.
  5. Citrine: Often called the “Success Stone,” Citrine is believed to attract abundance, prosperity, and positive energy, fostering a sunny and optimistic disposition.
  6. Sodalite: Recognized for its ability to enhance communication and self-expression, Sodalite is associated with logic, intuition, and emotional balance.
  7. Green Aventurine: A stone of luck and opportunity, Green Aventurine is believed to promote prosperity, and emotional well-being, and reinforce positive outcomes.
  8. Red Jasper: Known for its grounding properties, Red Jasper is associated with strength, stamina, and stimulating life force energy, promoting physical and emotional stability.
  9. Red Agate: Valued for its stabilizing and harmonizing effects, Red Agate is thought to enhance inner strength, and courage, and promote a sense of security.


Boosted Metabolism: SlimCrystal’s unique blend of natural crystals can increase your resting metabolic rate by up to 23%, promoting efficient calorie burning and aiding in weight loss. 

Detoxification: With its powerful detoxifying properties, SlimCrystal aids in the elimination of toxins from the body, promoting overall health and wellness. 

Curbed Cravings: Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, SlimCrystal assists in reducing cravings for unhealthy, sugary substances. 

Youthful Vitality: Packed with antioxidants, the natural crystals in SlimCrystal have anti-aging benefits, helping to keep skin looking youthful and warding off premature aging. 

Strengthened Defense: Incorporating SlimCrystal into your routine can strengthen your immune system, protecting against illness and disease.

Long-term well-being: The health and wellness advantages of SlimCrystal contribute to long-term happiness and increased energy.

slimcrystal water bottle review


→ Not Evaluated by FDA

→ Bottles impregnated with imitation gems may not work as well.

Pricing of Slim Crystal Bottle

You can buy the SlimCrystal bottle only on their official website, They offer two choices: get one bottle with a 40% discount and a free bracelet or choose two bottles with a 50% discount, free bonuses, and free shipping.

Creator of Slim Crystal Water Bottle

Meet Michael Bishop, the brilliant crystal researcher behind the revolutionary Slim Crystal water bottle. Faced with his own struggles to shed pounds, Bishop turned to his extensive knowledge of healing stones for a solution.

Crafting a one-of-a-kind bottle, he infused nine handpicked crystals known for their incredible healing properties. Shocked but delighted, Bishop saw a remarkable weight loss of 3 pounds in just two weeks without altering his diet. Sharing his success with others, he created a game-changing product for individuals over 40 looking to battle the bulge.


SlimCrystal water bottles use special crystals to positively impact water molecules, providing health benefits and a gentler approach to well-being. It offers a stress-relieving, fitness-promoting alternative to traditional methods.

By leveraging crystals for natural weight loss, SlimCrystal stands out for its calming effects on the body. It’s important to read the disclaimer for a better understanding of the product’s effectiveness.

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